‘The Tim Tully Show’ recalls the pop-punk heyday of Green Day’s ‘Dookie’

Written by James Wall

Tim Tully

The Tim Tully Show

Those with a nostalgic sweet tooth for Dookie-era Green Day will greet The Tim Tully Show with unrestrained affection. What people are just now starting to realize, with Green Day mostly smoothing over the rough edges of their songs and blatantly exposing their yen for the Beatles’ boyish melodicism, is that they were a pop band at heart. That’s “pop” in the ’60s sense of the word, not the cookie-cutter manufacturing and artificial thump of today’s Top-40 chart hits. With Tim Tully, though, you understand this right away; while his vocal delivery and the jagged guitars of his group may scream punk, the hooks are pure pop. 

“The Way You Look” crackles with spine-tingling drums but it’s the sugar-sweetened ’70s harmonies and punk riffola which take center stage. “Happy” is probably the most Green Day-esque of the bunch, and it’s quite fun as it picks up steam. Every track on The Tim Tully Show is crying to be liked and most of the time I found myself utterly entertained and wanting to spin it again.



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